Schmidt from “New Girl” shows us how to work it out

Schmidt workout video

Do you like Schmidt’s body from the hit series “New Girl?” Mr Douchebag himself shows you how to look Schmidtastic! 

Schmidt played by Max Greenfield from the the hilarious TV comedy “New Girl” is probably one of my favourite  television characters of all time. He makes me laugh till I cry!

In the series – Schmidt, is one of Jess’s  roommates. Schmidt is the stereotypical lothario (which he thinks he is) and so-called “douchebag” of the group. Schmidt is the only male employee in his company and is often the subject of mockery by his female coworkers. Schmidt is a womanizer and is seen to be taking a liking to Cece, who seems to have mutual feelings.

He has released a video of him showing us all how he gets his toned physique. What’s Schmidt’s secret? Spin class! He’s now TEACHING the classes – sharing his spinning expertise with the masses.

Check out Schmidt in all his workout glory below and cut the Schmidt! :


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