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Do you want to gain or maintain youthful looking skin without invasive surgery and better yet, not pay for it?

If you enter the SKN Complex competition you have every chance of  making this a reality.

Yes, it is true that black women’s skin is more resistant to ageing than our paler sisters, however that doesn’t mean we are entirely immune to the physical signs of ageing. We too need to be proactive about our skincare.

SKN Complex is offering a first prize and five runners up and all it takes from you is to enter your details at the SKN Complex website.


What can I win? – I hear you ask.

First Prize – Total Prize Value $2 076

  • $500 Westfield Gift Card

  • One year supply of Uberlash

  • Four months’ supply of Revive Restore & Extend DNA YOUTH SPAN

  • Four months’ supply of Lift Firm & Tighten FACE LIFT

  • 3 months’ Supply of Bust Boost Lift & Tone 3-STEP SYSTEM

5 runners up get a 1 month supply of Revive Restore & Extend DNA YOUTH SPAN

Pretty impressive huh? Read on to find more about their products.

What is the company SKN Complex about?

SKN Complex skincare products are backed by DNA based Nobel-Prize winning scientific research.

The products claim to:

  • Stop and reverse the signs of aging;
  • Be designed to work at the DNA level;
  • Assist with acne related problems;
  • Attack ageing at the core;
  • Have an inbuilt moisturiser;
  • Protects against UV damage. Revive Restore & Extend DNA YOUTH SPAN is Australian made and owned. It’s no secret that the harsh Australian climate can take it’s toll on our skin;
  • Be scientifically engineered by skin care experts;
  • Possess amazing healing properties.

SKN Complex combats ageing using three different product systems:

  1. Revive Restore & Extend DNA YOUTH SPAN

  2. Lift Firm & Tighten FACE LIFT

  3. Bust Boost Lift & Tone 3-STEP SYSTEM (who doesn’t want perkier boobs? I mean c’mon!)

They also sell UberLash a lash lengthening product which lengthens eyelashes even Bambi would envy – with studies reporting after 6 weeks of use 63% of users tested experienced visible and apparent enhancement of length, thickness and diameter.

So what are you waiting for Fancye followers?

You’ll need to hurry if you want to enter the competition to win some great skincare and $500 worth of shopping money.

All prizes are drawn on the 14th October 2012 at 5pm and announced at 6pm on Facebook.  This competition is only open to Australian residents.

If you don’t win the competition on the SKN Complex website you have an additional chance to win their products through a blog competition held by yours truly in an upcoming giveaway.

Miss Fancye


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