“So Gone (What My Mind Says)” – Jill Scott feat. Paul Wall: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

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Jill Scott has released the video for my favourite track off “Light of the Sun,” titled “So Gone (What My Mind Says” featuring Paul Wall.  

I love this track so I was so hyphy to find this morning that ConcreteLoop had posted the release of the video. The Paul Wall line from ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says)’  ‘that’s what a diamond chip dick do’ gets in my head after every time I listen to it!

If you don’t have ‘Light Of The Sun’ Jill Scott’s latest album, you NEED to get a copy if you are a fan of soul, after all she is one of soul’s modern day queen’s.


The gorgeous Miss Scott is dressed up for a special evening wearing a leopard print top tights and pumps,a black low cut top showing off her ample cleavage, (representing team natural breasts! YASS!!), smoking cigarettes and lighting candles while swanning around her glam apartment (décor envy). 

Her hair is pinned back on one side which I really like the look of, she has coral painted nails with gorgeous drop earrings and a pair of hoop earrings I’ve seen the cast of Basketball Wives rock. 

This is a track analysis  in accordance to Jill Scott  courtesy of Rap-Up:

 “It’s a song about a girl who is being celibate because she’s respecting herself and trying to do something completely different. In the meantime, she’s still a boss and she could use a little [sex],” explains Scott. “She gets a phone call from her girlfriend who says, ‘Why don’t you call Diamond Chip Dick?’ Diamond Chip Dick is a service where they come and please you and take the trash out when they leave. But it’s too good. She’s gotten ‘dickmotized.’ Paul Wall plays the gentleman from the Diamond Chip Dick company. He basically says what he does that’s got her sprung.”

However, the track analysis doesn’t seem to entirely match up to the video story. ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says)’ video shows Jill texting Paul Wall to come over despite her logical judgement to not surrender to the physical desires of being with him.This part may fit with the stimulus as per above, however the end of the clip doesn’t, it shows Miss Scott opening an envelope to find seemingly incriminating photos taken by a third party of Paul Wall with another woman just as Paul Wall enters the apartment. If Jill was calling for a service, she wouldn’t have needed or been clearly upset by photos of him with another woman. Although, it does fit with the line, ‘might even think about the next chick that he mess with….so gone.’ 


I think the song and the video (as it is depicted) is about a woman who knows better than to mess around with a guy but despite knowing this does anyway, because he puts it on her so good (dickmotized check Jill’s video below for an explanation) that ‘she’s gone.’ Clearly the line ‘why does my body ignore what my mind says?’ implies the contestation of will power and rational reasoning vs lust and physical desire.

I love the music video and the lesson of the song which I think many people can relate to. Jill Scott does an amazing job of lyrically expressing life, love and self. ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says)’ as a track and video along with her album ‘Light Of The Sun,’ is a true example of just that.

 Jill Scott on being ‘dicktomized.’



Watch the video for ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says)’ Jill Scott featuring Paul Wall below:



You can contact Jill Scott on Twitter HERE

What do you think of ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says)’ music video?

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