Supafest 2012 a Supafail?:GIG REVIEW

Supafest Trey Songz

I went to the first show of Supafest in Brisbane and some could quite rightfully call it from an organisational stand point a Supafail.

Missy Elliott and Diddy had already come forward days before the event to announce their absence from the previously advertised lineup to the disappoinment of many fans – come the day of, we find out that Rick Ross the act I was most looking forward to seeing – had cancelled his appearance also. That meant the once twelve artist lineup had been reduced to only nine.

I was recently informed by a friend that Ludacris would only be playing at the Brisbane and Sydney shows – meaning the Melbourne and Perth ticket holders would miss out on four artists – essentially a quarter of the line up were not going to be present for the show.

Organisationally this event was an epic fail. Ticket holders were misled – you buy a ticket with the expectation (despite our better judgement) that who is promoted to be on the bill will be present to perform at that event.

That rant aside let’s get onto a review of the day itself…


Supafest venue and vibe


Let it be known before I start – that I do not like musical festivals. I much prefer to attend a concert in a seated venue. I like to connect with the artist and feel like they are singing to only me and vibe with it – I find that very hard to do when I am being shoved, having cheap alcohol being spilled on me, being affected by the weather and being annoyed at douchebags around me.

In the case of Supafest at the top of this list is spray tanned, over made up white girls (no shade – but it’s true) wearing shorts so high you can see their cooka (or girls that flat out shouldn’t be wearing them) or impractically dressed girls wearing white garments with espadrilles or 6 inch heels. I mean REALLY?!

Next on the list are young people who weren’t even born when the artists were big or don’t know any of their classic original tracks from some years ago – this was mainly evident during the Ice Cube, Naughty By Nature and Ludacris sets.

How can I forget the inconsiderate morons who think it’s okay to shove and barge the hell out of you to get to a better viewing point when there is clearly no perceivable path to do so? Fights were breaking out because of it in the Bling Ring – I stood with the sistas and we rarely had shove issues and the few that dared to try it – got beat down. Us sistas have a mutual respect for space – and it’s a beautiful thing to see so many gorgeous fellow Murris, Kooris and other sistas out there enjoying themselves in one space.

I liked how they had an 18+ area – it was a different vibe to the under 18 area, it felt great to be with grown folk. A down point is they didn’t have very many bins around and by the end of the night the entire ground was covered in empty cans and bottles and a few times I tripped over piles of aluminium.

At the start of the gig it was raining and it looked like we were going to have a completely washed out day – fortunately it cleared up however the mugginess stayed.

The general admission area was fairly skint especially in the stands. As night fell and Trey Songz and Chris Brown performed their set it became packed with lustful women.

I unfortunately fell ill during T-Pain’s set and was forced to go home before I saw Chris Brown’s set AND in my state I lost my camera at the venue meaning I lost all my great photos and video footage for you all. For the record I was not drunk – I would never do my readers like that when content is on the line!


Supafest artist set reviews


Naughty By Nature

Ugh I love these guys! The thing that I love about them is they believably love Australia – they were selling Aussie by Nature merchandise and mixing famous Australian quotes and songs with their own whipping the crowd into a frenzy. I really appreciate the effort that Naughty by Nature – an established hip hop trio with a career spanning a 24 year period – put into crafting their sets and engaging with the people. The way they read the crowd and vibed off it – is something only true performance veterans can do. Professional.

They performed a great array of their hits from their back catalogue, new tracks and covered several others. Treach, 41, like clockwork took off his shirt and the ladies went wild! His body is banging it certainly gives other forty year olds men a run for their money – men this is a PSA – GET…IT…TOGETHER!!! If Treach can, you can too.

I also really admire the way Naughty By Nature engage with their fans on Twitter.

I will definitely go and see Naughty By Nature again – I am so regretful I didn’t see them last year when they toured.


Image: DJNinoBrown


Image: Tumblr


Lupe Fiasco

I was a big fan of Lupe Fiasco when he first came out and it was a real privilege to see him perform at Supafest. 

His set was impressive – he worked the crowd well, had high energy and people surprisingly knew most of his tracks. He performed hits such as“Kick, Push,” “Daydreamin,” “Out Of My Head,” “Touch The Sky,” “Everybody Nose,” “The Show Goes On” and “Superstar.” 

Lupe Fiasco is a rarity in hip hop today – not many artists rap about surface level things such as drugs and b*tches these days – he really gets deep with social issues like in his hit “Words I Never Said.” 

Kudos on your performance Lupe. 














Image: Adam Armstrong

Image: Tumblr


Ice Cube

Ice Cube was one of my favourite artists at Supafest. I have always had a big love for West Coast rap music and Cube is as West as you can get. He even bought his two sons along to join him on the stage – a family affair!

He took the stage rocking a fro with pick (which prompted me to reflect I hadn’t actually bought mine with me). He performed his classic hits including “Check Yo Self,” “It Was A Good Day,” “You Can Do It,” “I Rep That West,” “Gangsta Nation” “Go To Church” and “Why We Thugs.”  Where was “Hello” Ice Cube?

I felt his set was shorter than desired – I think he could have appeased the crowd for longer we were certainly engaged.

Ice Cube has buku swagger and his age and experience only adds to his appeal. Please come back to Australia Ice Cube I need some more of your smooth West Coast loving…

Supafest Ice Cube

Supafest Ice Cube

Supafest Ice Cube

Image: Delong Lin Photography


Kelly Rowland

Kelly walked onto the stage with a curly weave, short shorts, exposed abs and boots. Best dressed award goes to her – I had only said to my girl Miss C moments before – I hope she wears that curly weave it is EVERYTHING. She was smoking hot!

Her back up dancers were every bit delicious – uber fit shirtless men equipped with gratuitous hip thrustsoh yes ma’am! It was to be expected really, anyone who has seen Kelly Rowland’s videos lately would understand her love for beautiful men. That girl is a freak.

Miss Rowland performed her Destiny’s Child tracks such as “Soldier,” (yessssss my favourite!), “Say My Name,” “Jumpin, Jumpin,”  “Bug A Boo,” and “Independent Women.” She also sung her collabo favourites such as “Dilemma,” “Like This” and “When Love Takes Over.” She performed her recent solo tracks – the sexy “Motivation” and “Commander.”

I expected a little more vocally from Kelly to be honest. I know that she can do better than what I saw at Supafest – but I was willing to overlook that for her brilliant showwomanship, dancing and crowd engagement. Kelly has been to Australia a few times and I love her in interviews here she has a great sense of humour and is very down to earth.


Supafest Kelly

Supafest Kelly Rowland


















Image: Adam Armstrong

Supafest Kelly



Ludacris killed it – I’ve seen him before at Good Vibrations. I am proud to say I own every one of his albums – my best friend listened form New Orleans listened to him on constant rotate in college.

I felt sorry for him because he asked the crowd “where my REAL Luda fans at? Y’all know all my songs?” the crowd screamed yes – then as he started singing tracks and putting out the mic for us to sing – it was like crickets – except for me that is! In the end he asked the crowd what we wanted to hear. Awkward.

I was there belting out word for word the lyrics to – “What’s Your Fantasy?” “Southern Hospitality,” “How Low,” “Area Codes,” “Stand Up,” “Get Back,” “Move B*tch,” “Ho,” “Saturday (Ooh! Ooh!),”  “Money Maker,” “Tonight I’m Loving You,” “Yeah!”  and “My Chick Bad.” 

His set at Good Vibrations last year was longer but that’s because when he went way back into his old music- people KNEW the songs.

Ludacris live – is an opportunity you cannot miss. Anyone that loves Southern rap and an entertaining show – you need to see Luda. What you hear on his albums is what you hear live – and then some.

Dear Ludacris if you are reading this – I love you. 

Top performance of the night.

Supafest Ludacris

Supafest Luda

Image: Delong Lin Photography


Trey Songz

Yuuuuupp!!! Trigga – what can I say, he was sex on stage. I’ve seen Trey Songz before when he was supporting Usher. He was so sexy and put on a great show then – I got the same experience at Supafest. 

It wouldn’t be a Trey Songz show if he didn’t make you feel like *Rihanna voice* you were the only girl in the world and he was singing directly to you – he has that skill on lock.

Thanks to the Trent from The Lava Lizard (a fellow blogger who I have great respect for) I couldn’t look at Trigga without thinking about what Trent said about him  in his latest video

Trey looked dapper in a white military style jacket and of course – it came off with the undershirt to show the ladies what he was packing. 

He performed a number of songs all of which I knew – but unfortunately can’t recall because I was too caught up in him! Yes – even the Fancye one can be completely blinded by a hot man.

So who wants to come home with Triggggaaaaa?? Yeah I see your hands raised yes blokes even you.  Don’t fight it.


Supafest Trey Songz

Supafest Trey Songz

Supafest Trey Songz

Image: Delong Lin Photography

Image: Lipstick Alley



T-Pain the Tallahassee native and pioneer of auto-tune took the stage with high energy dancing and amping up the crowd – however this dissipated very quickly.

I am not sure whether he was unfit or ill – he kept stopping during songs and sitting down and drinking. It got really annoying after a while, particularly when the lights would go out and the audience thought he finished his set only to reveal he was still there. He had talented male and female backup dancers join him on stage and heavily relied on them to provide entertainment while he recovered.

I thought he was good but in hindsight I think it probably would have been better if he’d performed a few of his great hits then left the stage on a high and add to the Chris Brown anticipation – rather than dragging it out.

He performed his hits including “Bartender,” “Low,” “Buy U A Drink,” and “Take Your Shirt Off.” 

Image: Delong Lin Photography


Chris Brown 

Unfortunately I can’t provide a review of Chris Brown as I left the venue just as he was performing as I was ill (again – non-alcohol related) I heard him perform “Birthday Cake (Remix)” as I walked out and I damn near wanted to cry. However, I have seen Breezy before when he supported for Jay-Z with Rihanna and he was bawse. 

I do however have photos and some video footage to share with you! Team Breezy enjoy.

Image: Getty Images

Image: Delong Lin Photography


The Verdict

I did overall enjoy the artists performances – however I am not sure whether I will attend another Supafest ( they may not be held again given the organisational failure) I felt genuinely ripped off that three of the advertised artists didn’t attend due to Paperchase Entertainment’s failure to fulfil their contractual obligations with the respective artists. It’s the fans that miss out on seeing their favourite singer and when event promoters screw artists and record labels around – it creates a bad experience – one that is likely to result in that artist not returning to Australia. 

We as urban music fans miss out because someone couldn’t do their job properly and promised something that wasn’t achievable and mutually agreed upon by all parties.

As previously stated I don’t like the festival atmosphere but I am willing to put that aside if the line up is as good as it WAS advertised to be.

Who knows what the fate of Supafest will be…


What did YOU think of Supafest?

Miss Fancye




  1. Mr Black Cat says

    Great review! That is a real pity about diddy and missy elliott. I saw Kelly Roland a few years ago in Brisbane and ur right. She is very down to earth and the audience just loves her.

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