Swizz Beatz does the dirt on Alicia Keys and “Superwoman” scores TWO new make up sportscars

Raise your hand if you think Alicia Keys is in denial? Swizz Beatz bought two Lotus sports cars for Alicia Keys for HIS birthday, ever so conveniently after yet another scandal surfaces of Swizz sexting Christina Elizabeth a girl he has been involved with since she was 19 years old.

Swizz Beatz and Christina Elizabeth Image: Ditcradio.com











Who in the world buys not one but TWO sportscars for SOMEONE ELSE on YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY?? My answer to that one is: a love rat with a guilty conscience. When a significant other buys me a gift not on the traditional birthday, Christmas, anniversary dates, my suss-dar goes into overdrive. I can’t say that Mr Fancye has ever bought me a sportscar though, my random gifts include my favourite candle or a lifetime supply of Starbucks coffee.

Let’s hit the rewind and unpack the dirt that Swizz Beatz has been doing over the lifetime of his ratty existence.

Baby Mamas and Jump-off Drama

Swizz has a total of four children three boys and one girl and four baby mamas. Helllooooo child support!!

Mama #1

Swizz Beatz first baby mama was Nicole Levy who he had his first son with in 2000, Prince Nasir who is now 11 years old.

Prince Nasir Image: Thebyf.com

Mama #2 

Mashonda and Swizz Beatz Image: KourtneyRichard.com
















Mama number two is R&B singer Mashonda Tifrere who married Swizz in 2004, had son Kassem Dean Jr in 2006 and got divorced in 2008. The divorce was allegedly caused by Alicia Keys, trifling ass Christina Elizabeth and Jahna Sebastian who were allegedly all having an affair with Swizz while married to Mashonda.  Mashonda wrote a classy rebuttal to Alicia Keys after she threw her some shade on Twitter:

” The 1st time I meet AK, my husband introduced us to each other at an event. .. I made it very clear that on the contrary of what she might be hearing, I am still married to my husband, living with him and just had a child.

I was a fan of AK’s last album, we were both signed to J Records and I always checked up on her projects. I sang her songs and admired her for creating Superwoman and

Karma, I would never deny her, her talent. I believed in her until I found out she was possibly sleeping with my husband. The affair was denied by both, until it was finally admitted months later.

Already I can hear some of you saying “why are u blaming her, You cant make someone leave their wife, You cant break something that’s broken”. Well, my marriage was not broken, as far as I knew we were celebrating our sons birth and getting ready to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary . Call it blind love, whatever. I call it being a devoted wife.. As far as me blaming her and not blaming him, that’s false. Me and my husband have worked out our differences.

My concern with AK is no longer the fact that she assisted in destroying a family but that she has the audacity to make these selfish comments about love and wanting to be with someone, even after knowing their situation. How is this the same Superwoman that I sang out loud with in my truck? I ask myself sometimes.

I feel that after 1 and a half years of you hiding this affair and acting like it doesnt exist, that now is the time to confront it, since you talk so openly about it now

If it’s so, that you and my husband are meant to be together, then God bless you both and I hope you never have to deal with what I did. I would not wish it on my

worst enemy.” –Celebitchy.com 


Alicia was the other woman, she helped break up a family and she should be ashamed of herself. The way I see it, is that Alicia and Swizz’s relationship has been established on deceit, broken trust and selfishness and to quote Miss Keys herself, karma, “what goes around, comes around…” Sis best believe you’re gonna get yours. How could you seriously think that he’s gonna flip the script and be a new man just for you? Alicia you are way too dickmotized. I am Team Mashonda all the way on this…but Swizz’s drama inducing baby maker wasn’t ready to quit just yet.

Mama #3

Jahna Sebastian with daughter Nicole Dean Image: MrsGrapevine.com

His third baby-mama is a girl named Jahna Sebastian, who lives in London and is a model, actress and music producer. They had a girl together by the name of Nicole Dean who would be almost 3 years. Check out Celebitchy thoughts on Swizz being a deadbeat Dad and love rat:


“Apparently, Swizz fathered a baby girl with Jahna Sebastian back in 2009 (the baby was conceived in 2008, I think, if my math is right). This was back when he was married to Mashonda, and rumored to be screwing Alicia. Now – why haven’t we heard anything about this third/fourth baby-mama? Because Swizz is a motherf-ckin’ dirtbag, that’s why.In an email sent to the I Am London Diva blog, a source close to Jahna Sebastian confirms that the (still-married-to-Mashonda) Swizz brought Alicia with him for the baby paternity test, he refused to put his name on the birth certificate, refused to acknowledge the baby, and has only paid $1500 a month in child support, beginning when the baby girl was already several months old.

Also – Jahna Sebastian is 24 years old, and she’s been making ends meet as a single mom by acting and singing, according to Bossip. Jahna was also held in an immigration detention center in England while she was pregnant, and she wrote letters to Swizz begging him to help her, and he didn’t lift a finger.”

WHAT ALICIA?! So not only was Swizz cheating on his wife with you, he was cheating on you, his jumpoff, with ANOTHER jumpoff who he got pregnant and knowing this you stayed with him?! Oh it’s just laughable! What the HELL is this man putting on these women?! I am just saying this is a serious case of dickmotization to the maximum power with super-sperm to boot.

Oh but it doesn’t stop there, Jahna got personal and took shots at Alicia last year when she penned these words on her blog implying “she has sex for songs”:

“Hearing about some of today’s successful artists, who for their career sleep with producers jumping from one to another, break up marriages even when kids are involved and take everything for themselves with no sense of morality, building their image by speculating on sacred things, then get Grammys and worldwide promotion, I think to myself that somehow they get away with it too easy, but what is happening within their soul?”  –MrsGrapevine


Prince Nasir, Nicole Dean and Swizz Beatz Image: Blackcelebkids.com

Below is a photo of all three of Swizz’s boys. I have got to admit, he does make cute kids.

L-R: Kassem Dean Jr (5yrs), Prince Nasir (11yrs) and Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean (11 months) Image: Beyondgossip.com

Christina Elizabeth

It is alleged that Swizz has been sexting Christina Elizabeth, the website Bossip:

“has a photo of the Blackberry screen, which includes a message allegedly from Swizz writing that he wants to “f–k the sh-t out of you asap make it happen wow!” Also, they’re sending each other photos and trying to coordinate their schedules so this girl can fly out to meet him.”

According to Bossip:

“She’s a singer/writer on the rise from Houston, TX who reportedly met Swizz back in 2007 at a birthday party for Solange. Apparently they’ve been in contact for some time, as she was alleged to have been one of the reasons for his break up with Mashonda as well.

Apparently she lost her phone recently and her convos w/ the famed producer fell into the wrong hands. In their conversations they often call each other “Bro” and “Sis” but things are far from platonic.”


Text dialogue between Christina and Swizz Beatz Image: Bossip.com

You can check out her exclusive radio interview about the scandal  >HERE< and read a transcript from another interview >HERE< at NecoleBitchie.com

 Alicia Keys Response to Christina scandal

No words…

So now you have an understanding of the history this life long man whore has.









Alicia girl, any woman in their right mind would have turned their ass around and ran in the other direction at the sight of a man with that kind of relationship track record and baby mama drama. You are ALICIA FREAKING KEYS. You are hot and talented, you could have anyone you wanted, instead you pick the biggest deadbeat you could possibly find. I don’t have children so I don’t know what it’s like to try and hold onto a marriage with the commitment of kids, but I DO know you had the chance to walk away years ago, and you know you’re wrong for messing around with Swizz consciously knowing he was married with a young child.

Are you not the woman who sings the track “Karma,” and a “A Woman’s Worth” (oh the irony)?! Shout out to my sistas Nadine and Melita for that clever quip.

I have been a fan of Alicia for the longest time, and I truly am losing respect for her as an artist and as a woman and I never thought that I’d see such a beautiful, talented, inspirational woman “Falling” from grace the way the way she is because of a man.

What do you think of the Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz union? I would love to hear your thoughts, comment below, Tweet or Facebook me your thoughts!

Miss Fancye



  1. Nuki says

    Yeah I love Alcia and thought that she’d have better judgement. I really wanted her to end up with someone different. She’s made her bed! And now she has to lie in it, for how long though. Karma’s a bitch’

  2. hollysagemini says

    Pros of Swizz:
    Possible D*ck made of gold?

    Baby Mama Drama
    Child Support
    Walking STD
    Kids (Too Many)
    “Sings” on every track he produces
    Proven adulterer

    This dude is so whack! He should be ashamed of himself…and learn how to use a condom!

    I too, thought A Keys would have more self-respect than this.

    Maybe she hasn’t been involved in any serious long term relationships and is therefore naive? But surely this dudes track record would make any woman stay the hell away?

    Maybe she likes bad boys??

    Either way it ain’t going to end nicely for Alicia, or lil Egypt (or the tribe of Swizzs other kids!) coking from broken homes and having such a shit role model for a father!

    I give this marriage 5 years tops, move it along Alicia!

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