Supafest 2012 exclusive behind the scenes footage


Supafest Chris Brown

The Supafest tour continues to dominate the urban music community in Australia – check out film footage of the artists performing and exclusive behind the scenes. [Read more…]

Supafest 2012 a Supafail?:GIG REVIEW

Supafest Trey Songz

I went to the first show of Supafest in Brisbane and some could quite rightfully call it from an organisational stand point a Supafail.

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Supafest 2012 kicks off with controversy

Supafest 2012


Tomorrow marks the most important day of the year in Australia for the hip hop/rap/R&B community…

the start of the Supafest 2012 tour! 

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“Dance (A$$) Remix” – Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

Big Sean has released a video for ‘Dance (A$$) Remix’  (the first single off his new album ‘Finally Famous’) featuring the bountiful bootilicious Nicki Minaj. Shout out to TeeTee from BoiRevolution for tweeting me the name of this track when they played it on air on their show. I heard it and instantly loved the catchy beat and MC Hammer sample.

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MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: “Lay It On Me” Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean


After what seemed like an eternity Kelly Rowland has FINALLY released the video for the northern summer hot track “Lay It On Me” from album “Here I Am.”  Whoah Kelly girl! This video needs a sexy disclaimer on it. [Read more…]