GIG REVIEW: Philadelphia native Eve proves she’s “got what we need” in Brisbane


Before Nicki Minaj there was Eve. The princess of rap from Ruff Ryders fame. Last night I checked out Eve at The Hamilton Hotel and was really blown away by her live rapping ability and swagger to match.

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Eve from Ruff Ryders fame touring Australia

My boy Nick tipped me off on Eve touring Australia this September. This took me by surprise because Eve hasn’t released any singles or albums since 2007 with her hit single “Tambourine.” “Tambourine” did not perform too well on the US charts which led to further difficulties. She began working on an album of which “Tambourine” would feature titled Here I Am (which is the exact title of Kelly Rowland’s latest solo album), however it was delayed to September 11, 2007 and then October 16 but it was never released. According to Eve in an interview with the New York Post in February 2009 the problems at Interscope Records were responsible for the pushbacks.

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