Kanye West and Jay-Z *NEW* ALBUM REVIEW: Watch The Throne

The long wait is over, the collaborative album between Jay-Z and Kanye WestWatch The Throne has arrived. The album features themes of religion, social issues, wealth and the high life. If you are looking for a humbling album to listen to, Watch The Throne is not it. The album cover as per below is a very royal embossed gold imprint. The second single off the album is “Otis” which I have reviewed in a previous post here.


You already know anything that Yeezy and Jigga are going to produce it’s going to have swagger and be cutting edge in it’s sound. Kanye and Jay-Z in their solo albums have successfully integrated everything from strings to African drums, showtunes to guitar and horns, autotune to jazz. Aur-gasmic is what I would I call the unique sound of this album.

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