What happened on Kim Kardashian’s post-divorce visit to Australia

The Kardashians have departed our bloody good country to return to the United States (honey you thought Sydney airport was bad for papz…) skipping out on scheduled Emirates Stakes Day (horse race) appearance in Melbourne for Swisse vitamins. Well it was only for a cool $150 000, when you’ve got an empire and brand worth millions I guess it’s not too much of a loss…just saying…

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Reggie Bush: too little, too late as Kim Kardashian prepares for her wedding to Kris Humphries

I make it no secret that my favourite NFL player is Reggie Bush.

I wear his jersey, rock a black and gold fleur de lis sticker on my car and watch the New Orleans Saints games. However, Reggie’s football form has been less than impressive as a Saints player and has recently been traded to the Miami Dolphins for the upcoming season. I love Reggie because he’s super hot and can play           good ball but his off-field play with the         gorgeous Kim Kardashian, is reportedly still bugging him  after  their relationship ended in 2010 after several years of  courtship.

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