Who is Kris Humphries?

So who is Kris Humphries aka Mr Kim Kardashian? All I knew about him was that he was an NBA player for the New Jersey Nets. It kind of bugs me that I don’t know anything about him and from looking at the latest “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode it seems the Kardashian family didn’t know a great deal about him either. This is what I uncovered…

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PHOTOS: Kardashian Italian Honeymoon, GoatGate and VMAs

Newlyweds Kim and Kris Humphries travelled to the beautiful Isle of Capri in Italy for their short honeymoon. Having been there myself, I speak with authority that the place is an absolute paradise, a perfect romantic escape.

Kim refused filming and photography on her honeymoon, despite E!’s attempt to gatecrash. I guess she figured the near $18 million profit she made was probably enough. Let’s not get greedy.

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