MovieTimes – One Stop Shop For Your Cinema Needs

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Have you ever wished that you could visit ONE website to find out when the movie you’re uber keen to see is screening in your local cinemas?

Experienced that frustrating moment where you’re trying to recall the cinema brand so you can visit their site to get the movie times?

Great news! There IS a website that takes the fuss out of planning to see a movie – it’s called MovieTimes.

MovieTimes allows you to:

  1. quickly scan screening times across your local cinemas;
  2. scan surrounding cinemas for movie times if you’re away from home via GPS on your phone or tablet;
  3. check out when new movies are released;
  4. purchase tickets online to avoid the queues.

According to MovieTimes:

You can start your search according to your priority at the time; you can start your search by movie, time or location.

Movie Times has information for around 120 cinemas and nearly 1000 screens across Australia including all the cinemas operated by Event Cinemas, Birch Carroll & Coyle, Greater Union, Hoyts Cinemas and Village Cinemas.  Over coming months even more cinema operators will add their information to Movie Times.

You can preset your preferences so that each time you come back to Movie Times it will only display those cinemas that meet your preferences.

I think MovieTimes is a really cool concept and it certainly takes the guesswork out of movie planning. I’ll be definitely bookmarking this website (not that the site name is difficult to remember!).

Check out MovieTimes for yourself and leave a comment below letting me know what you think of the website!


Miss Fancye