M.A.C Essentials

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M.A.C October Haul Review

This month my girl Miss C and I received a big order from M.A.C so half of these items are mine and half are hers. We’re a bad influence on each other when it comes to buying more make up then we probably need *slaps my wrist.*  Miss C is an NC45 and NC42 in concealer so to my sistas rockin NC/NW’s in the 40s, that deep delicious caramel skintone these products are going to look hot on you. I haven’t swatched Miss C’s products because I wasn’t about to open a sista’s products up before she does!

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M.A.C Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette Review

 I have been building this neutral M.A.C eyeshadow palette for quite some time and I would like to showcase it to you and let you know which colours I recommend for purchase for your collection (these are all in the permanent line).

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