Take a stand Australia! Fight For A Fair Price For Beauty – Illamasqua Campaign and Petition

 Listen up beauty divas and divos!

Illamasqua are currently proclaiming the very same woes of protest many of us have been declaring for years – that beauty products in Australia are ridiculously overpriced and inflated at a whopping 61% or more above the market price sold in other countries such as the United States and Europe.

The British company have had jack of the price monopoly (YASSS!) which essentially deters local sales and have commissioned a petition for the public to sign in the hope that the prices of Illamasqua and the beauty industry more broadly will move to sell the products at their offshore sale price.

And Illamasqua are?

  • An independent British colour cosmetics brand founded on principles of fairness, self-expression and delivering customers professional quality make-up;
  • the brand has gained an evangelical following with avant-garde imagery that transcends the expectations of the beauty industry;
  • Illamasqua is now available in over 400 outlets globally.

The Campaign according to Illamasqua

Since we entered the Australian market we’ve been frustrated by the inflated pricing of cosmetic products compared to the rest of the world. For too long now, the women and men ofAustraliahave been forced to pay extortionate prices for their beauty products. So we have a clear message:

We are making a stand against the ruthless global giants of cosmetics, who abuse the system by forcing customers to pay up to 61% more than UK prices. It’s entirely unjust that a woman in the UK pays just $24 for a lipstick, while a woman inAustraliahas to pay $40 for exactly the same product.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. And it’s not how we want to treat our customers. But it seems we’re the only ones who feel this way.

The big beauty houses know they are guilty of exploitation – why else would they recently offer a small, insignificant 20% discount on their products?

But frankly, the discount is too little, too late. They had the power and opportunity to make a substantial change to the pricing of beauty products in Australia, but instead they chose to continue exploiting their customers.

Take action to create market change

We are determined to bring a lasting change to the Australian beauty industry.

We will slash our prices across our entire range.
We will bring Australian prices for our range in line with the rest of the world.
We will lead the way in a fight against the greed and exploitation of the beauty establishment in Australia.
As the first make-up brand to make truly professional make-up available to all, we will fight to give the public premium beauty products at a fair price.
And we will continue to champion self-expression and fight intolerance and prejudice.
To make this change happen we must first demonstrate to the industry that a fall in prices won’t mean a fall in our sales. In fact, it means that customers will receive more Illamasqua products for their money, and inturn buy more often.

You decide right here, right now whether or not this campaign moves forward.

You can sign the petition, join our movement, start a big ball rolling and bring about real change.

Or you can choose to do nothing and continue to be exploited. Because the fact is, we can only do this with your support.

So sign your name, make your mark, tell your friends, clench your fist and cry “Hell no!”

[You can sign the petition by clicking HERE] [Watch campaign film HERE]

Praise Illamasqua! I welcome their campaign and it’s principles wholeheartedly.

My own campaign

I cannot justify the local retail prices of products by offshore owned cosmetic giants. I have waged my own war with local retailers for many years – by refusing to pay the locally inflated prices and opting to purchase those same beauty products from the big names from offshore e-tailers and retailers while traveling.

I have heard the protests before ‘you should support local retailers.’ Local retailers –who sell foreign owned products at ridonkulous prices. M.A.C and NARS profit from my purchases – I am not bootlegging them.

Does my individual action force Priceline or Myer to go out of business? No, because:

a) I am only one person and;

 b) I buy products from both those stores when the prices are more reasonable or on sale.

I regularly support local beauty brands such as Face of Australia, BYS and Australis which boast high quality products with an affordable price tag.

We in Australia should not have to jump through the hurdles that I do (and others) to purchase beauty products that we want. We shouldn’t be sent broke by purchasing two high end lipsticks that sell here for $36.00 AUD each as opposed to $14.50 USD each. There is no reasonable justification for it. All it does is deter or reduce potential sales.

It is my sincere wish that Illamasqua via the promotion of this valuable and well needed campaign manage to revolutionalise the beauty market and industry in Australia. End the monopolization people! *raises well manicured protest fist*

Who’s with me?


Miss Fancye



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