Take Care – Drake ft. Rihanna: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

Take Care

After Drake’s screw around on the release date – the “Take Care” video is finally here.

Drake has been busy and has released both the “Take Care” music video featuring Rihanna and the “HYFR” music video featuring Lil Wayne in the one day.


Initial impression I thought I was watching the “So Sick” video by Ne-Yo. It was definitely not what I had expected to see.

According to Drake: “It’s a big record and a lot of footage. It’s very artistic very abstract video—something that I wasn’t used to. I’m usually used to a very straight forward concept so I’m really excited for people to see it because it’s actually just something beautiful to look at.” Rap-Up

Abstract indeed Drake. The video features a bull or a buffalo, blue fish, a bird and a Capoeira man. 

The panoramic landscape featured in “Take Care”  includes snow capped mountains (hence me thinking it was the Hype Williams produced “So Sick” video) and what looks like at times the foot of a mountain/volcano with silt/ash.

The video is all black and white bar hints of blue in the animals. I wish that I could understand the symbolism of it all. What do the animals mean? I’m definitely miffed by it all.

Rihanna and Drake don’t really do anything in the video except embrace – I was waiting for a kiss damn it! Drake dressed in all black spits his line with passion but Rihanna just stands their lookin melancholy with an off the shoulder knitted sloppy tee. Snooze.


The Verdict

Man, I was let down. Abstract videos can be done really successfully but I just think it’s meaning is lost on me. The song is fiyah and I just expected an amped up version of the chemistry created in “What’s My Name?” but it wasn’t delivered. I had already pictured Rihanna attempting to pull a Beyoncé just like this:



at the backing vocals where it speeds up and the drums come in – but alas no.

Visually beautiful but I honestly didn’t get it and the hype was not warranted in my opinion.


Check out the music video for “Take Care” below:

What do YOU think of the “Take Care” by Drake featuring Rihanna?


Miss Fancye


Take Care

Take Care


  1. Name* says

    I thought it was actually magnificent once i found out what the symbolism actually meant. Drake is basically saying he’ll protect Rihanna from Chris Brown. From hurting her physically and emotionally.

    See below:

    Bull – Taurus (Chris Brown’s zodiac)

    Fish - Pisces (Rihanna’s zodiac)

    Blue Birds – Drake’s hometown sign

    Fire- Destruction (of memories of relationships or whatever

    Arrows are trying to get the bull ie trying to get Chris

    so Drake is basically saying he will protect Rihanna. 🙂

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