This week’s Throwback Thursday is the Southern rap 2001 classic:


“AwNaw” – Nappy Roots


from the albumWatermelon, Chicken and Gritz.

Today’s post is dedicated to my boy Phil.

Who are Nappy Roots?


Nappy Roots are a Southern rap group hailing from Kentucky, USA who possess a very unique country sound. Their lyrical content embraces their country roots, upbringing and lifestyle. The group originally consisted of  six members however R. Prophet left to pursue a solo career.


Ron Clutch, is the senior member of the group and is considered to be the “conscious of the group,” this according to Nappy Roots’ member, Big V as quoted by Rolling Stone magazine.

B. Stille

B. Stille, also called Buffalo Stille for possessing the self-described animal traits of a buffalo, is the youngest member of Nappy Roots and was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.

Big V

Nicknamed the “Southern Big Papa” and known for his warm, infectious, animated personality, Big V aka Vito Banga was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Big V began rapping at the age of 13.

Fish Scales

Though he speaks a slum language, his conversation is one of positivity. From the first line of their hit “Awnaw”, Fish Scales made it clear that he carried the spirit of hip hop through his lyrics.


Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Skinny DeVille is the oldest of four brothers and sisters and the father of three. After high school, he attended Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Track Significance


I first heard Nappy Roots when I was in my first year of college and I lived on campus alongside one of my best friends, Phil.

Phil is a New Orleans native and is somewhat of a Southern rap connoisseur. I was exposed to anything from Cash Money to Outkast, Master P to Ludacris, Three Six Mafia to Birdman and Mystikal.  Plus Lil Jon (how could I forget Phil? “Get Low” anyone?).

We had many a time in Phil’s dorm room cuttin’ a rug to the hottest Southern tracks back in the day. This was back when I could hardly understand his thick New Orleans accent.

Watermelon, Chicken and Gritz was the first album I heard from Nappy Roots and I soon fell in love with their unique country twang and love for all they came from and their lives.

Being a the country girl myself, I can relate to the simpler lifestyle and the nuances that make country folk special (in a good way).

“AwNaw” was one of my favourite tracks from this album.

The most vivid memory I have from listening to this track is the chorus

“Them countryboys on the rise!

With them big fat wheels on the side;

Peep the vertical grills; 

And aw-aw- awwww!”

Music Video


There are two different video versions of this song, below is the original All Hooks Up version (which I prefer), and the other is a rock remix featuring P.O.D. which I believe never needed to happen (despite it being used in a video game.)

The video features snippets of the band members enjoying Southern country life, check it below:



You can follow Nappy Roots on Twitter

If you don’t own Watermelon, Chicken and Gritz and you like their country sound, you can pick  it up HERE (in my opinion their best album to date).


What do you think of “AwNaw” by Nappy Roots?


Miss Fancye



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