VIDEO REVIEW: Wella Pro Series Shampoo and Conditioner: Volume

I have been anticipating my MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner to arrive from Ozsale for the longest time, meanwhile my hair duo that I was using (which incidentally was Mr Fancye’s because I was out of mine, which really is not made for my hair texture) was dangerously low. In a panic laced with extreme annoyance, I ran out the door to grab an inexpensive interim solution. To my surprise, cheap DID NOT mean nasty when I came across the Wella Pro Series Shampoo and Conditioner in the Volume line. 

Wella is a salon brand and I have used their products with success in the past. I was really taken aback at the notion of a high end salon product was selling for $9 AUD for almost one litre of product (33 oz.) ! Ultimately for $18 AUD you’re getting a salon standard wash in your own home for a fraction of the price. There are other products in the Pro Series line including a mousse and hairspray. 

The verdict

I am very pleased with this Pro Series line and I commend Wella for bringing something so necessary to my fellow divas/divos at an affordable price and of the same high quality salon standard. You can buy Wella Pro Series at good supermarkets and pharmacies. 

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 Here is Wella’s informative tutorial on how to use the Pro Series products and how to achieve certain looks with different hair types.

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Miss Fancye



  1. Leticia says

    Amazing video footage of the ones who used the shampoo and conditioner. It really has taken me to take on this product. However, I was wondering where I could find some discounts or coupons for these ones.

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