Welcome to “I’m Just Saying”

Hey y’all! Welcome to my website “I’m Just Saying”!

My name is Miss Fancye, and I am fancy by name and by reputation. 😉

I am an opinionated young woman and I have decided to build this website as a forum for my views on my two big interests: entertainment (celebrities) and beauty/cosmetics.

As a Generation Y’er I observe the lives of celebrities as a hobby. We live in an era where celebrities are most prominent and influential of popular culture globally. Technological advancements; the advent of the internet, YouTube, Facebook and most recently Twitter have added to the almost instantaneous connection the general population have with gaining the latest scoop concerning their favourite celebrities. In the celebrity world I am most interested in:

  • pop, rap, hiphop, R&B and soul music artists and their latest releases;
  • reality television and drama series;
  • comedy and drama films;

my content on this website will reflect this. 

In addition to my celebrity love, I have been a cosmetic and beauty product addict since I can remember! I believe everyone woman/man is uniquely beautiful. I am interested in any products that can beautify my natural appearance. I am often asked by people which cosmetics and hair products I use. “ImJustSaying” will keep my fellow beauty addicts updated with reviews of the latest products I am using and those that are the hottest of the season.

M.A.C. cosmetics are my holy grail cosmetic company. They are women of colour (WOC) friendly and being biracial, many years ago, M.A.C. was the only cosmetic company available in my country that successfully met the beauty needs of this niche market of multi-ethnic women. However, not all cosmetics I use are M.A.C. and there will be different products reviewed on “ImJustSaying.” I realise that M.A.C. is not exactly affordable for all divas/divos out there!

I hope you enjoy my site’s content and I welcome your feedback and review requests, stay fancye divas/divos, I’m just saying…..:)

Miss Fancye




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